Review by Review ID

Retrieve a specific review by review_id.

Review by Review ID - Response Atrributes

idThe review_id. Can be found using All Reviews
scoreThe star-rating review score
votes_up 👍The number of votes_up
votes_down 👎The number of votes_down
contentThe textual review content
titleThe textual title of the review
created_atThe date at which the review was created
e.g. 2012-11-29T12:49:19.000Z
verified_buyerThe type of reviewer. Averified_buyer is a buyer who created the review through the Mail After Purchase review request email
custom_fieldsCustom review form questions and answers
userUser data. Nested parameters include the user id, display _name, social_image, and email
user_idThe unique ID of the user who created the review
product_idThe unique ID of the reviewed product
commentA comment on a review left by the store owner
publishedThe published or unpublished state of the review as defined by the include_unpublished_reviews param.