Referral Product Share Link

If you're using an ESP to send referral share emails, you can use this event to trigger the product share referral email.

Important AttributesDescription
emailThe email of the referred friend
fromThe email of the referring customer
customer.first_nameThe name of the referring customer
product_referral_linkThe referring customer's unique product referral link for this specific product
product_idThe product ID of the shared product
product_nameThe name of the shared product
image_urlThe shared product's image URL
  "topic": "loyalty/referral/product_share",
  "name": "Loyalty Referral Product Share",
  "website_url": "",
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "from": "[email protected]",
  "customer": {
    "total_spend_cents": 24200,
    "total_purchases": 1,
    "perks_redeemed": 3,
    "last_purchase_at": "2021-06-01T07:02:40.000Z",
    "first_name": "Name",
    "last_name": "Name",
    "is_member": false,
    "accepts_marketing": false,
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "referred_by": "[email protected]",
    "points_balance": 2620,
    "points_earned": 2620,
    "last_seen_at": "2021-06-01T07:03:11.000Z",
    "thirty_party_id": "5205258371095",
    "third_party_id": "5205258371095",
    "referral_link": "",
    "referral_discount_code": "YOTPO-TEST162",
    "is_opt_in": true,
    "loyalty_opt_in_date": "2021-06-01",
    "has_store_account": false,
    "credit_balance": "$2,620",
    "credit_balance_in_customer_currency": "$2,620",
    "is_affiliate": false,
    "points_expire_at": "2021-08-30T07:03:11.000Z",
    "vip_tier_name": "zzzz",
    "vip_tier_ends_at": "2022-06-01",
    "referral_code": {
      "code": "9eko7c7",
      "shares": 1,
      "facebook_shares": 0,
      "twitter_shares": 0,
      "email_shares": 1,
      "emails_sent": 0,
      "emails_viewed": 0,
      "links_clicked_from_email": 0,
      "links_clicked_from_twitter": 0,
      "links_clicked_from_facebook": 0,
      "orders": 0,
      "amount_cents": 0,
      "average_amount_cents": 0,
      "expires_at": null,
      "expired": false,
      "completed_referral_customers": [],
      "email": "[email protected]",
      "unique_clicks": 0,
      "total_clicks": 0
  "referral_link": "",
  "referral_code": "9code7",
  "product_referral_link": "",
  "product": {
    "id": "10077553923",
    "name": "Amazing product",
    "image_url": ""
  "referral_discount_code": "YOTPO-TEST162"