Aggregate data based on dimensions and measures from a specified source such as campaigns or flows. The data for each store is available from the Yotpo account creation date.


Suggested Filters

You can use Filters to get specific dimension value, for example:
source_type=campaign, channel_type=email



The data via API is returned on an hourly basis and in UTC. The data on the Yotpo admin is shown in EST.

It is recommended to convert to EST and sum up the data for each day. Don't use the date aggregation since it won't match between the UTC and EST - always convert and then sum up the hours.

To learn more about how to query a range of dates in the aggregation API you can look here.


Below is an example of a request that can be sent.{store_id}/analytics/query/aggregations?dimensions[]=channel_type&dimensions[]=source_type&dimensions[]=source_name&filters[]=source_type=campaign&dimensions[]=source_id&dimensions[]=aggregation_date&measures[]=all_sent&measures[]=all_delivered&measures[]=all_open&measures[]=all_unique_open&measures[]=opened_delivered_rate&measures[]=unique_opened_delivered_rate&measures[]=all_clicks&measures[]=all_unique_clicks&measures[]=click_through_rate&measures[]=unique_click_through_rate&measures[]=all_orders&measures[]=all_revenue&measures[]=all_unsubscribed&measures[]=unsubscribe_rate&measures[]=average_order_value