Redemption Below Threshold

This event is triggered when your "Custom Coupon" is running low on uploaded coupon codes. This is determined by the threshold set in the "Custom Coupon" itself in your Yotpo Loyalty admin. We will send a webhook notification when your unused codes are at the following values: [threshold, threshold/2, threshold/4, threshold/8, 0]

Important AttributesDescription
redemption_optionAn object describing the redemption option that is running low on redemption codes
redemption_option_idThe unique identifier of the redemption option that has hit the thresholds
number_of_unused_codesThe number of unused codes left in the redemption option
    "topic": "swell/redemption_code/below_threshold",
    "name": "Swell Redemption Code Below Threshold",
    "redemption_option": {
        "id": 149,
        "name": "$5.00 Off",
        "description": "Get $5.00 off your next purchase for 500 points",
        "icon": "fa-dollar",
        "cost_text": "500 Points",
        "amount": 500,
      	"applies_to_product_type": "ALL",
    "redemption_option_name": "$5.00 Off",