About SMS & Email Analytics APIs

Get analytics data from Yotpo SMS & Email to use in your business and research tools.

Get analytics data from Yotpo SMS & Email per account for analysis and aggregation of data.

The Analytics API makes it possible to get data about SMS and email campaigns, flows, and automation per account.
You can use the data:

  • for data warehousing
  • with additional marketing tools for in-depth research of marketing trends
  • for advanced research and analysis
  • For creating additional marketing campaigns and audiences in other marketing channels connected to you


Please note:

The data for each store is available from the Yotpo account creation date.


See example:

To see an example of the full flow of using the analytics endpoints, click here.

Analytics endpoints


  • Retrieve dimensions - Retrieve required qualitative values, such as marketing channel (SMS or email), aggregation date, etc.
  • Retrieve measures - Retrieve required quantitive values, such as how many messages were sent, or how much revenue was earned

Source data:

  • Automations - Source data will be taken from the specified automation
  • Campaigns - Source data will be taken from the specified campaign
  • Flows - Source data will be taken from the specified flow

Aggregate data:

  • Get aggregations - Aggregations require properties of the dimensions and measures to get and filter the actual data


URL requirements:

  • Use only secure URLs that start with HTTPS
  • URLs can have a maximum length of 2048 characters
  • URLs must conform to RFC 2396



The data via API is returned on an hourly basis and in UTC. The data on the Yotpo admin is shown in EST.

It is recommended to convert to EST and sum up the data for each day. Don't use the date aggregation since it won't match between the UTC and EST - always convert and then sum up the hours.

To learn more about how to query a range of dates in the aggregation API you can look here.