Retrieve Customer Details by Date

Retrieve all customers that were updated since a specific date for Yotpo Reviews and Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals.

Customers Since Date - Response Attributes

next_page_infoThis will be returned in your first request. It must be submitted in all subsequent requests in the page_info parameter
customer_emailThe customer’s email address
total_reviewsThe total number of reviews submitted by the customer
avg_product_ratingThe average star rating of all product reviews
avg_site_ratingThe average star rating of all site reviews
total_avg_ratingThe average star rating of all review types
avg_sentiment_productThe average sentiment for product reviews
avg_sentiment_siteThe average sentiment for site reviews
total_avg_sentimentThe total average sentiment for all review types
top_topicsAn array of top topics of interest
points_earnedThe total sum of points the customer earned in their lifetime
point_balanceThe current point balance for the customer
total_redemptionsThe number of points that were redeemed for discounts in the customer's lifetime
total_points_redeemedThe number of times the customer redeemed in his lifetime
vip_tier_nameThe name of the tier the customer currently belongs to
successful_referralsThe number of successful referrals made by the customer
referrals_made_and_clickedThe number of times this customer's referral link was clicked by referred customers
is_referred_by_other_customerIndicates if this customer was referred by a different customer


Please note:

  • Data is refreshed in real-time.
  • This endpoint does not contain imported reviews or anonymous reviews (reviews that were submitted on-site without the customer confirming their email address).
  • You may have to add additional params to query the following fields: avg_sentiment_product, avg_sentiment_site, total_avg_sentiment, top_topics.