Points Earned

This event is triggered any time a customer earns points. This event is useful for keeping a customers point balance up to date in your CRM or email marketing platform.

Important Attributes



The email address of the customer who earned points


The customers' updated point balance


The number of points they just earned


A short description of the action that lead them to earn these points

    "topic": "swell/points/earned",
    "name": "Swell Points Earned",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "customer": {
        "total_spend_cents": 0,
        "total_purchases": 0,
        "perks_redeemed": 0,
        "last_purchase_at": null,
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "referred_by": "[email protected]",
        "points_earned": 200,
        "points_balance": 200,
        "points_expire_at": null,
        "first_name": "John",
        "last_name": "Smith",
        "last_seen_at": "2016-10-15T15:29:27.000Z",
        "third_party_id": "4302977345",
        "referral_code": {
            "code": "117yu4g",
            "shares": 0,
            "facebook_shares": 0,
            "twitter_shares": 0,
            "email_shares": 0,
            "emails_sent": 0,
            "emails_viewed": 0,
            "links_clicked_from_email": 0,
            "links_clicked_from_twitter": 0,
            "links_clicked_from_facebook": 0,
            "orders": 0,
            "amount_cents": 0,
            "average_amount_cents": 0,
            "expires_at": null,
            "expired": false,
            "completed_referral_customers": [],
            "email": "[email protected]",
            "unique_clicks": 0,
            "total_clicks": 0
    "perk": {
        "id": 1,
        "campaign_id": 1,
        "merchant_id": 1,
        "customer_id": 139,
        "reward_points": 200,
        "completed": true,
        "completed_at": "2016-10-15T15:29:27.911Z",
        "awarded": true,
        "awarded_at": "2016-10-15T15:29:27.911Z",
        "pending": false,
        "reversed": false,
        "reversed_at": null,
        "expired": false,
        "expired_at": null,
        "expires_at": null,
        "redemption_option_id": null,
        "history_title": "Create an account",
        "created_at": "2016-10-15T15:29:27.828Z"