All Products

Retrieve paginated product data for your entire product catalog by account_id. This call will return product metrics such as product id, external_product_id, average_score, total_reviews, product images and more.


Please note:

This endpoint uses old infractructure and cannot support large product catalogs. We recommend using the Retrieve Products endpoint, which is built on top of new infrasctructure and is fully supported by Yotpo.


Note that in some parts of the API, product_id may be referred to as external_product_id

All Products - Response Attributes

idOrder ID
external_product_idThe external product id of the product reviewed
nameThe customer's name
urlThe product page URL
created_atThe timestamp generated upon product creation
updated_atThe timestamp generated when the product was last updated
average_scoreThe average star-rating of the product
total_reviewsThe total review count of the product
categoryThe product category
descriptionThe product description
product_specsProduct specs
imagesThe product image URL