All Reviews

Retrieve reviews data per account as a paginated response. This call will return reviews metrics such as review id, star-ratings score, votes_up or votes_down, review content, product identifiers, and more.

Reviews Data - Response Attributes

idThe review ID
scoreThe star-rating score where 5 is a 5-star rating
votes_up 👍The number of customers who up-voted this review
votes_down 👎The number of customers who down-voted this review
contentThe textual review content
titleThe title of the review
created_atThe timestamp generated upon review creation
verified_buyerThe status of the reviewer. Verified buyers are buyers who created their review via Mail After Purchase
source_review_idThe review ID by source
custom_fieldsCustom review form fields. Nested parameters include the form title,form_id,value, and field type
userUser data. Nested parameters include the user id, display _name, social_image, and email
user_idThe unique identifier of the reviewer who submitted the review
external_order_idThe external order ID of the purchase
product_idThe unique product identifier of the product reviewed
commentThe comment left on the review
external_product_idThe external product ID of the product reviewed
publishedThe published or unpublished state of the review as defined by the include_unpublished_reviews param.


Product ID

Note that in some parts of the API, product_id may be referred to as external_product_id