Retrieve Products

Retrieves a list of all of the store's products. You can use this endpoint to resolve the Yotpo product ID in order to update it.


How to use this endpoint

  • Required parameters are listed below. For the full list of properties, see About products.
  • For example responses, click the relevant status code on the right.
  • By default, this endpoint will return the first 10 products in the product catalog.
  • To retrieve more than 10 products in a paginated response, use the count and page parameters.

Example requests

GET /v3/stores/{store_id}/products
GET /v3/stores/{store_id}/products?page_info={page_info}
GET /v3/stores/{store_id}/products?page_info={page_info}&limit={limit}
GET /v3/stores/{store_id}/products?external_ids=ext1,ext2