Search & Merchandising

This guide details how you can incorporate star ratings and top reviews into product results and search results to increase click-through rates and engagement.

Main use cases covered in this guide:


Have you registered your app yet?

Before you start building your app on top of Yotpo’s App Developer API, you first need to register it with us. If you haven’t done so yet, refer to the steps in our Welcome guide.


Matching Product IDs

To pull the relevant information for a product from Yotpo, you'll need to include the correct product ID for that merchant or platform. Learn more

Display star ratings for a product

Pull a single product’s star rating in real-time. Use the product star rating endpoint and display that product’s ‘average_score’.

Display a top review for a product

Pull a single product’s top review(s) using Yotpo’s AI layer, or even just the most exciting sentence(s) to keep it short. Use the best reviews and best sentences endpoints with the relevant product ID. You can create other filters such as review length, sentiment score, and more.

Filter search results by avg. product rating

Use the retrieve all products endpoint and store the average_score for each product in your system for filtering.

Filter search results by most reviewed product

Use the retrieve all products endpoint and store the total_reviews count for each product in your system to be filtered by.

Include relevant review content in search keyword results

Syncing review content into product data starts with storing the reviews in the account - fetch all reviews. You can store this content and identify topics that are mentioned in the reviews per product such as common descriptions, a name of a material, common purpose of purchase, and more.