Registering your integration & opening a test account

If you applied to become a technology partner and received approval from our team, you can now register your app/s and get credentials to use the technology partner APIs.

To get started, you will need a Yotpo test account. If you do not already have one, start by signing up for a free account here. We will upgrade this account for you as part of the registration process below.

Each ‘app’ will have its own unique set of credentials that will allow you to access the APIs on behalf of merchants (see the Authenticating with OAuth 2.0 section for more information). You may want to register multiple apps in order to have separate testing and production environments of the integration, or in order to have separate redirect URLs for different environments on your end. If you are integrating with several Yotpo products (e.g. Reviews, Loyalty and SMS) using the tech partner APIs, you should use a single app and consider exposing data in your integration only when the data for a specific product exists, indicating that the merchant has the specific product.


Description / additional details

App Name

How the name of your app will display in Yotpo.

App Logo URL

This will appear in your listing. Please provide square dimensions.

Short Description

This will appear under your app name. You can write up to 25 words.

Long Description

Description of the main use cases. There is no word limit.

Support URL

URL for mutual merchants to reach your customer support team.

Support Email

Email address for mutual merchants to reach your support team.

Yotpo test account API Key

You can find your API key by following this guide.

Redirect URL

Users will be redirected back to this page within your admin as part of the authentication flow, as described in the next section. Each app can have only one (static) redirect URL. Multiple and dynamic redirect URLs are not supported.


Want to create multiple apps?

You might want to create multiple apps for testing purposes or for different environments on your end. Please send the details for each app separately and ensure it has a unique name and redirect URL.

Once we receive these details to [email protected], our team will create the app for you in our system and send you an Application ID and Application Secret. Please keep these credentials secure as it will be used each time a user installs your app in the authentication process, as described in the next section.