Influencer & Affiliate Marketing

This guide details how you can integrate Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals, Yotpo Reviews, and Yotpo SMS & Email with your influencer or affiliate marketing platform to ensure you’re engaging with the top tier of your customer base in a more personalized manner and growing your influencer community.

Main use cases covered in this guide:

  • Message customers via SMS & Email when they mention you on social media
  • Capture subscribers via your platform and send them to Yotpo SMS & Email

  • Award points to customers for taking certain actions on your social media accounts

  • Send user-generated content that you collected and created in your platform directly to Yotpo

Yotpo SMS & Email

Message customers when they mention you on social media

Using the Create or update custom customer event endpoint, you can send any events to Yotpo that a merchant can create unique flows based on. Some examples of communications that can be sent include social media mentions, ambassador account creations, and much more.

Within this call, you can also include any metadata associated with the event for creating personalized segments and campaigns. Additionally, you can include any relevant elements in the “event_properties” such as: custom URLs, social media follower counts, etc, to be used as shortcodes in the SMS or personalization tags in the email. These properties can be included as dynamic text within the messages.

After the custom event has been sent, you can follow the steps below to set up an SMS campaign:

  1. After you send the event, you can access it in the Custom Triggers section of the Yotpo SMS & Email admin, located under Flows & Automations.
  2. In order to use them in a flow, you’ll need to manually enable the toggle to Display as a trigger.
  3. You can view and edit any flows in the Flows section, located in the same Flows & Automations tab as the Custom Triggers.

Before launching the integration, we require all partners to send a Google sheet outlining all event payloads they plan to send to Yopto via the integration, inclusive of all event properties, to [email protected].


Please note:

  • We require you to send all sample payloads in a google doc to [email protected]. Once the integration is tested and approved, we will reveal the triggers to all merchants in the flows section of the admin (as opposed to in the custom triggers section). Please also provide us with a start install URL for the integration, a link to the integration help article and a link to get started with your company so we can direct merchants who have not yet installed the integration to be able to do so.
  • We do not currently support building conditional logic leveraging properties sent in the event_properties, but this is on our roadmap for future development.



For detailed information on how to leverage Yotpo SMS & Email flows. see this guide.

Capture SMS subscribers within your platform

There are 2 ways you can achieve this:

  1. Use the Yotpo out-of-the-box embedded code, as explained here
  • Each form has its own unique code, so you will need the merchant to pass you their code so you can properly display the form
  1. Add an SMS capture option that automatically adds a checkbox and legal language in the shipment tracking page if the customer is not already subscribed
  • This will require you to ask the merchant for the Yotpo SMS & Email list ID they would like to have the subscribers added to (this will be used in the Create subscriber endpoint).
  • Use the Retrieve customers endpoint to check if the customer is already subscribed on the page. You'll need to use the eCommerce platform customer ID.
  • If the customer is not subscribed already, display the checkbox with the standard consent language in the screenshot here (the rest of the terms will be added by the merchant).
  • When the customer provides a valid phone number, send their details first (name, etc.), wait 60 seconds, and then send the opt-in - Create / update customer details, Create opt-in
  • Yotpo will send them a welcome message based on the standard Yotpo welcome flow (in the future, we'll allow customization per opt-in source), and add them to the list of the merchant’s choice.

Loyalty & Referrals

Award points to customers for taking certain actions on your social media accounts

Reward a customer with loyalty points when they take an action (follow, mention, etc) with your account on social media.

Allow merchants to configure a campaign that will automatically reward the customer with loyalty points (and trigger messages/info into the Help Desk cases you open) to notify the customers of the automatic reward. This can be done using Yotpo’s custom action API (the merchant needs to configure the custom action in Yotpo, as described here.

Reviews & Visual UGC

Send user-generated content that you collected and created in your platform directly to Yotpo

To send user-generated content collected in your influencer platform to Yotpo, you can use our Import images or Import videos endpoints.

Please refer to our sampling best practices guide for more information on sending reviews to Yotpo.