Welcome to Yotpo's App Developer API reference guides! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

Our comprehensive step-by-step guides aim to help you build apps (publicly-available integrations) on the Yotpo platform as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Before you get started, you'll need to register your app with Yotpo.


Why build with us?

When you register and build an app on the Yotpo platform, we’ll certify you as a Yotpo official partner and feature your app on our website.

Here’s what you can gain from building an app on our App Developer API:

  • Become a Yotpo official partner, while benefiting from technical support, co-marketing opportunities, referral rev-share, and more.
  • Get exposure to tens of thousands of Yotpo clients and hundreds of thousands of monthly views on Yotpo’s integrations listings. We’ll ensure your integration gets any updates required going forward.
  • Built with third-party security and privacy in mind
  • Optimized for third-party integrations in terms of stability and backward compatibility


Is this the right API for you?

If you're a merchant or agency looking to build an app that will not be publicly available to others, please refer to the Yotpo Core API.

If you’re looking to build a publicly available app with Yotpo and become a technology partner, this is the right API for you.

Our guides cover the following: