Welcome to Yotpo's Developer Toolkit for Technology Partners! 🚀 🚀 🚀

Our comprehensive step-by-step guides aim to help you build publicly-available integrations on the Yotpo platform as quickly and efficiently as possible, while solving real merchant pain points and helping them create unique customer experiences combining the power of both platforms.


Why build with us?

When you apply, develop and certify your integration you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Get your integration listed on yotpo.com/integrations and in front of tens of thousands of Yotpo merchants
  • Get technical & product support and access to other valuable resources and communication channels tailored just for official tech partners, including relevant product and API updates
  • Our GTM teams are provided with collateral and educated on every official integration so they can recommend our partners and drive adoption
  • Yotpo’s Developer APIs are built with third-party security and privacy in mind, and optimized for scale, stability and backward compatibility
  • Official integration partners may receive exclusive invites to co-marketing and co-selling opportunities

Learn all about becoming a technology partner with Yotpo and apply to get started here


Is this the right API for you?

If you're a merchant or services company looking to build an integration which will not be publicly available to others, please refer to the Yotpo Core API.

If you’re looking to build a publicly available integration with Yotpo and become an official technology partner, you’ve come to the right place.

The main steps to build an official integration and become a tech partner with Yotpo are outlined below:

  1. Apply to become a technology partner and get approved.
  2. Register your integration and open a test account.
  3. Authenticate using OAuth 2.0 and allow merchants to uninstall your integration.
  4. Leverage the appropriate best practices guide:
  1. Review our full API reference for technology partners.