Certifying and launching your integration

To certify and launch your integration officially in Yotpo, you will be asked to fill out a form with information about your company and the integration for our GTM and tech stakeholders to be able to drive success with your integration. For most integrations we will hold a short meeting, or ask for a recorded demo, so that the relevant Yotpo stakeholders have the information they need to properly support and make the most value from the integration.

Integration releases typically include the following assets and activities by Yotpo:

  • Integrations page on yotpo.com/integrations
  • Help center article on support.yotpo.com
  • Internal knowledge base page with different resources and information for Yotpo GTM teams to use when recommending the integration or partner
  • Internal announcement & education by the Yotpo product marketing team
  • Highlight as a new integrations in our customer and partner newsletters
  • Re-posting of integration announcements and blog posts on social channels

We welcome suggestions from partners for additional integration release activities and content that is led by our partners. We ask our partners to at least reciprocate the same activities listed above as part of the integration release on your end. If you are not able to perform all of these activities for any reason, please let your partner manager know in advance.