Ongoing Partnership & FAQ

Once your integration was certified and officially released, we try to provide our official tech partners with the following ongoing benefits:

  • Priority in invitations for co-marketing opportunities and content features that are initiated by Yotpo, including Yotpo Partner Awards and other flagship Yotpo events
  • Priority in evaluation of co-marketing opportunities that are initiated by partners
  • We will maintain a knowledge article about you and your integration with different GTM and education resources for our team to speak about you and the integration. You may also be invited to meet our team on different occasions and open communication channels.
  • Ongoing product updates & dedicated product and technical support
  • Eligible for referrals by Yotpo’s GTM team (our team is incentivized to bring up & refer partners)
  • Eligible for rev-share agreement and dedicated partner manager for proactive co-selling activities (2 way account mapping & introductions)

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Yotpo looking for in a tech partner and how do you qualify?
A: Due to resource constraints, we are currently qualifying partners based on a combination of (1) mutual customers and (2) the potential of the planned integration to drive meaningful impact for those customers and other prospects. To find out how many mutual customers we have in common with a partner we usually use a free tool called Crossbeam - you can get it for free and learn more here. Yotpo reserves the right to approve a partner at its sole discretion.

Q: What if I’m only interested in a commercial partnership (co-marketing / co-selling) and do not plan to build an integration?
A: We found that tech partnerships are most effective when there is a meaningful or innovative product synergy to go to market with. As such, we are not accepting tech partners without an integration at this time. If you are interested in driving referrals to Yotpo and getting rev-share, you can apply to our agency partner program here.

Q: What if I’m developing an integration for a specific customer or built an integration in the past on the merchant APIs?
A: While we do not officially support or promote such integrations, you may build an integration on a specific customer’s behalf if they allow you to do so. The merchant’s relationship with Yotpo is governed by the commercial agreement between Yotpo and the merchant and your relationship with Yotpo and use of Yotpo’s APIs are also subject to the app developer terms, so make sure to read them carefully.

Q: Which agreements and terms apply to tech partners?
A: The app developer terms apply to anyone building a publicly or commercially accessible integration. In some cases we may require that an additional non disclosure agreement & commercial partner agreement are signed before approving an integration.

Q: Can I access the Yotpo Partner Portal & Agency Partner Program?
A: The Yotpo Partner Portal & Agency Partner Program were built with Agency partners in mind and are currently not available to tech partners. If you are interested in making referrals to Yotpo and getting rev share for these referrals, please let your partner manager know. If you do not have a partner manager assigned, you may apply to the partner program using the agency partner program form here - please clearly indicate that you are a technology vendor interested in a referral (only) based partnership.

Q: What if my product competes with one of Yotpo’s products but I want to integrate and partner with a different product?
A: Our mission is to offer the leading solutions in each one of our product categories, and as such, we welcome all tech vendors to apply to become an official Yotpo partner.

Q: How can I get in touch with someone with additional questions before starting the application process?
A: Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.