On-site Engagement & Subscriber Capture

This guide details how you can integrate Yotpo Reviews, Loyalty, and SMSBump with your On-site Engagement platform to allow merchants to create truly personalized consumer experiences and fully benefit from both platforms.

Main use cases covered in this guide:


Please note:

Each of the use cases above requires that the customer has the applicable Yotpo product (Reviews, Visual UGC, and Loyalty) available to them and installed.


Have you registered your app yet?

Before you start building your app on top of Yotpo’s App Developer API, you first need to register it with us. If you haven’t done so yet, refer to the steps in our Welcome guide.

Yotpo SMSBump


Please note:

Yotpo SMSBump is not yet available on the App Developer API and you will therefore need to use the Core API To access the API, the merchant will need to provide you with their Yotpo app key and API secret, which will allow you to generate a utoken and access the API.

To capture SMS subscribers (consent) and trigger a welcome flow in SMSBump:

  1. Authenticate with the API and generate a utoken, as mentioned above.

  2. Create an SMS subscriber (consent/opt-in) in Yotpo via API.
    If you are collecting additional customer information such as email opt-in, customer name, customer age, and more, you should first create/update the customer in Yotpo and wait at least 60 seconds before creating the SMS subscriber for this information to be available in the SMS welcome flow.
    Note that creating a customer with SMS consent = true without hitting the create subscriber endpoint mentioned above will result in the customer info being available in Yotpo but no welcome flow will fire.

  3. Create a flow in Yotpo SMSBump. See an example here.

  • Set the trigger to be ‘New Subscriber Confirmation’
  • Add a condition > if list is > SELECT LIST NAME
  • Set up the SMS text you want to send


Please note:

By creating additional lists in SMSBump and applying those lists IDs into the Create subscriber endpoint, you will be able to send various Welcome messages. The list ID can be found in the URL when entering the list in Yotpo.

Yotpo Reviews & Visual UGC

If you promote or highlight products as part of your product offering, Yotpo can help drive clicks and improve performance by adding valuable social proof for that product, including the most powerful reviews, photos and videos - simply follow our Product Recommendations toolkit for step by step instructions and best practices.

Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals

Display loyalty data about customers to hyper-personalize their experience and drive action.


Please note:

Some of the use cases are not yet available on the App Market API, so you will need to use the Loyalty Merchant API. To do so, ask the merchant for Guid (public key) and API key (secret key) from the Yotpo Loyalty settings page.

Fetch customer data to return customer loyalty records such as point balance, VIP Tier, referral link, and more, and include them in your segmentation and messages to the customers. Merchants can introduce new customers to their loyalty program and drive account creation, show existing loyalty members what their point balance is and how many points are missing to reach the next reward or VIP tier, and highlight referrals for their most engaged customers.

Merchants can also reward loyalty points for submitting forms or taking other actions with your platform. Simply instruct the merchant to set up a Custom Action Campaign in their Yotpo Loyalty account and give it a specific name you provide them with. From there, you'll be able to reward the customer using the Record a Customer Action endpoint with the custom action name and relevant customer’s email.

Note: The custom action campaign in the merchant’s admin needs to be set up with the exact same name as the API call you run.


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